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We have a two-pronged approach to AI education: technical and strategic. In light of the COVID-19 virus, we've shifted most of our workshops to an entirely-online format, which will be more personal and suited to individualised learning.

Technical workshop

Technical Deep Learning Workshop

A hands-on personalised deep learning workshop for those looking to use AI in their projects.

Custom Workshop

Create your own!

Collaborate with us to build a workshop focused around your projects, specialised to your team.

Looking for something else? Let's have a chat! We're always keen to work with good people, and are open to different ideas!

In-person workshops are on hold ...

The following workshops are on hold until the COVID-19 pandemic has cleared and it is safe to gather in groups again. If you're interested in running one of these workshops remotely, please reach out.

Leadership Workshop

AI For Leadership

Designed for executives, startup founders, government, and leadership teams, looking to understand and adopt AI.


There is a crisis of diversity within the field of AI. We know that members of marginalised groups face barriers to entry and success within AI, and related fields. To improve the representation of marginalised and under-represented groups in our workshop, and community, we are supporting unlimited scholarship tickets, which are discounted 50%.

To apply for a scholarship please complete the application below.

💬 What people are saying ...

About the Technical Deep Learning Workshop

"The team at Braneshop create a learning environment that is such a pleasant contrast to anything I've experienced at university. Ruth and Noon, with the help of Esmeralda, create a safe and inclusive space to learn, free of pressure or judgement. Without scrimping on technical details, they manage to keep a lighthearted and humorous atmosphere — the jokes are terrible but I love them! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is keen on exploring deep learning surrounded by an interesting and diverse group of people."

— Samantha Floreani - Code Like A Girl

"I couldn't recommend this workshop more to anyone wanting to get started with deep learning. It's fun, interactive and informative. Deep learning is a relatively difficult subject but Noon and Ruth make it easier to understand with lots of examples. I really appreciate their patience in explaining and helping people who have less technical background."

— Michelle Low - Zoho


"[...] It has been a great learning experience so far with Ruth and Noon who are fantastic in breaking down complex deep learning concepts into readily understandable form. They have provided specific direction on searching for relevant information regarding ML/DL. Besides, the workshop is very engaging and participative with lots of interactions between fellow participants. In addition to learning, it has been a fantastic opportunity to network with diverse community of participants. We have together designed a neural network for image classification and coded it in TensorFlow python which I am very happy about. [...] I am much more confident and comfortable with Machine Learning/Deep Learning contents now than I was before. I am looking forward to build machine learning models that [are] applicable for genomic analysis. "

— Himal Shrestha - PhD Student

About AI For Leadership

"I loved all the examples of AI in real life and I also found the activity of working through the framework as a team on the example we had. it has helped me understand the type of 'thinking' and 'questioning' that needs to take place specifically for AI that's different for other forms of tech. I also loved all the simple and powerful visual diagrams in the workshop content. [...] Personally I have a much greater understanding of AI and the role it can play in organisations and the opportunity ahead. Professionally I have more clarity on how to move forward with helping organisations adopt AI from a people change perspective."

— Leisa Hart - Adaptive Change Mindset

"It's been wonderful to spend more time with Braneshop and [...] learning about the different types of leaders out there wanting to tackle AI! [...] The first part was particularly great, going through at a fast pace the types of examples of different AI case studies, particularly the machine-vision ones [...]"

— Sarah Kaur - Portable


"It's given me a greater understanding of AI and the way I can implement it in my business including some of the challenges. [...] It really challenged me to think outside the square! There's a lot of thought that goes into designing an ai system which I was unaware of. From UX to the business side, a lot needs to be considered. The group exercises really helped break this down. "

— Damian D - Everline