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With the power of deep learning here's what a few of our friends had the following to say:

Amy Hammer

"I really enjoyed this workshop; Noon and Ruth know deep learning adequately. I immediately felt cleverer when I began designing techniques, and lying down helped me overcome physical distance to this ground, which worried me getting better." — Amy Hammer

Gaoji Lisauro

"The one aspect I got the most out of was my discussions with the students," Gaoji Lisauro says. "It was really exciting to have a direct assessment that everybody understood and all were placed in safe, consensual energy centers."

Nicola Gorra-Buliffour

"The best thing about the deep learning workshop is that you get to build an own practice environment," said Nicola Gorra-Buliffour, the CEO and cofounder of Asgard CognosceBlue. "You can expand massively with additional deep learning projects without breaking the bank."

Tubir Zaccarelli

As leading AI experts, Noon and Ruth taught us a lot about the world beyond computer systems. After leading us in creating world-transformating AI for engines, they are an invaluable resource that helps other AI researchers understand the complexities of the material world." — Tubir Zaccarelli, CEO, Bristol Robotics


This is a silly thing we put together using images from This Person Does Not Exist (StyleGAN), text from GPT-2 (the 345M model), and names from char-rnn (trained on authors from arXiv). The input to GPT-2 is the text with the gray background, the resulting text is the unedited (aside from switching in the right name) output up until the first complete sentence.