Our trainers have experience in consulting, research, software engineering, teaching, data science, AI engineering, and specifically in working to build deep learning systems for a wide range of clients. We bring that experience, together with strong pedagogical practices to present workshops in an intuitive, hands-on, collaborative and practical way.

Here at the Braneshop we pride ourselves on our style of teaching and the way we engage with people during the workshop. Our aim is to have people learn collaboratively, and empower them to become experts at forming solutions and problem-solving within the domain of AI.

Noon van der Silk is the founder of Braneshop and lead trainer.

Noon has 19+ years experience in various forms of software engineering, application development, and the design and implementation of machine learning + AI systems. Within AI he has a special interest in the field of computer vision and interactive art.

Noon has a research background, obtaining a Masters in Pure Mathematics, with a focus on quantum computing.

Noon is particularly passionate about empowering people through skill development.

Esmeralda Garmar is the community and business development manager at Braneshop.

After a few years working in the architecture space, Esmeralda believed she needed another degree - a bachelor of life. She packed up and travelled the world for more than half a decade - a digital nomad - doing all kinds of remote jobs, and organising people, like her, who wanted to work remote and enjoyed being around other professionals. These experiences nourished her entrepreneurial spirit and fed goodness to her mind.

She learned to empathise with local communities, developed a local-first approach in order to work ethically with different people around the world, and grew into a person who is able to work with and in a diverse range of environments and people. Esmeralda thrives on making genuine relationships with the people she meets, and as such she is now working with braneshop to engage with the community.

Marianne Hundling is the book-keeper for Braneshop.

With a background in clinical research across the public and private sector, Marianne has managed large teams and budgets, ethics reviews and clinical trial management and auditing. This extensive background more than prepares her to handle the finances for Braneshop. Also, Marianne is Noon's mum!

Advisory Board

Gala Camacho Ferrari works at Neighbourlytics as the Head of Analytics.

Gala has a background in teaching, mathematics, and programming, as well as a strong interest in pedagogy, social empowerment, and supporting under-represented groups in technology.

Gala acts as an advisor on our teaching and learning methodologies and has been instrumental in determing the structure and presentation of our courses.