Posted on April 11, 2019 | Back to Showreel

Expressive 3D Body Capture from a Single Image

Tags: computer-vision, pose | Paper

More and more we’re seeing deep learning tackle rich reconstruction problems from simple inputs. This is a classic of the genre. As humans, we can easily imagine the 3D structure of the person in the photo; and it turns out now deep learning can do the same, via the techniques in this paper. It’s very impressive work, and is applicable for those people wishing to capture this information without a complicated set up of a 3D body scanner. As usual, the typical applications will be in retail, but maybe also augmented-reality and other such fun things. As is the case with all these body-pose-related papers, they use an underlying pose network and build on top of it’s outputs. This is also a central and important topic in modern AI: building up rich and strong capabilities by combining different techniques.