My favourite paper of 2015, and maybe of all time. See the showreel page for more!"/>
Posted on July 11, 2019 by Noon van der Silk | Back to recent posts

Deep learning showreel now online!

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My favourite paper of 2015, and maybe of all time. See the showreel page for more!

We love staying up to date with the latest deep learning research. I typically catch up daily, via the SciRate website (check if out if you haven’t already!)

Every now and then, a paper really stands out as either cool, interesting, innovative, or useful. When something really appealed to me, I’d typically post it in various places, such as LinkedIn, or slack, or twitter, or just file it away in my head, waiting for the perfect moment to pop up again.

We also typically include these as part of the workshops, to get people a bit excited about the field.

Well, now I’ve decided to put that list online: Deep learning showreel!

Each paper comes with an indicative picture, and a little blurb explaining why it’s interesting/important or what we like about it. Feel free to take a browse only at those pictures that interest you. You can also browse by tag; for example here’s the items for computer-vision (you can see all the tags at the bottom of that page).

This list will also go out in our monthly newsletter, so if you’re interested in such things, then subscribe below!

If you’re technical, and want to get the items before they hit the page, I’ve set up a bit of a system on github that lets me collect the interesting papers there, for later processing.

We hope you find this useful!