Posted on March 17, 2020 by Noon van der Silk | Back to recent posts

Braneshop & COVID-19

Tags: announcements

Hope you’re all staying safe out there in light of all the COVID-19 news. Our favourite place for information is The Guardian and

As you’re probably aware, our workshops are typically run in person, in (small) groups.

In light of COVID-19, and the fact that a lot of people are self-isolating, we’ve decided to put all our in-person workshops on hold until the advice is that it’s safe to gather in large groups again, or otherwise until the community feels safe and comfortable with small in-person events.

In the mean time, we’re keen to try out some different ways of engaging online, so stay tuned for what they may look like. We’re open to ideas for what you might like to see, so please send in your suggestions (you can use the chat-box on the bottom-right of every page).

We’re also open to just collaborating with people on interesting/fun/socially-focused projects, so reach out if you have something along those lines.

Finally, an alternative revenue stream for us is consulting, so reach out if you have anything, related to computer-vision, NLP, data engineering, AI strategy or otherwise AI-related that we can help you with!

Thanks, and take care!