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AI For Leadership Workshop - Breakdown

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Watch on Vimeo - Snapshot of the attendees over the day.

One of the teams, at the first AI For Leadership workshop, working through one of the exercises.

Last month we had our first AI for Leadership workshop. In this post we take a look at what we covered, and discuss a few of the things we learned.

Who was there?

We had a variety of people from a mixed background of companies. We had a few people from government, large global businesses, and local consulting groups, and our new friends at Adaptive Change Mindset.

Here’s the breakdown of attendees according to preferred-pronouns:

She/Her 6
He/Him 1
Total attendees 7

This follows in the tradition of our 6-Week techincal deep learning workshop, which was also majority “She/Her” (at detailed analysis of that workshop is forthcoming; we have some cool numbers to show!).

We are, of course, super excited with this. One of our big aims is to bring more under-represented people into AI, and it’s clear that we did that in this workshop.

What did we do?

We started off with an overview of cutting-edge AI approaches, most of which we’ve covered on the Showreel. We talked through these applications and what the new developments are across different industries.

We then delved into what we mean when we talk about “AI”, and how all the various terms in this field: “Machine learning”, “Deep learning”, etc, fit together.

The central idea, which you can read more about here: AI For Leadership Workshop, is to work through our adoption framework, through group activities. In so doing, at each step we introduce the various tricks of the trade we’ve learned through experience.

Rough overview of Braneshop’s AI adoption process.

Our plan was to get people familiar with the thinking around AI adoption, specifically:

What can you expect in November?

For our next leadership workshop, coming up in November, we expect to follow a similar process, but with the following changes, based on some feedback from some of the attendees:


Our aim with this workshop is to have you walk away feeling confident about your ability to implement AI projects in your business. We want you to understand the risks, and the process, as well as the right questions to ask to evaluate proposed solutions, and rough milestones you should look for.

If you’d like to join us in November, you can grab tickets here, or read more about the workshop here.

Hope to see you there!

The September AI For Leadership Team!