Posted on June 21, 2019 by Noon van der Silk | Back to recent posts

Deep learning quick start

Tags: tools

The code used for this blog-post is here.

It’s been in vogue for some time now to have a little “quick-start” install on your website. Notable examples are:

My friend Hayden suggested that it might be nice to have a slightly higher-level one, so I made it: Braneshop deep learning quick start, and you can find a link to it at the bottom of the page.

The main thing I wanted to get across, for whatever it’s worth, is that one of your best options is Google Colaboratory. The other thing I did was to just collect together the information from the TensorFlow and the PyTorch installation pages.

I actually had a bit of fun because I made it in Elm. You can find it at the link at the top, or here. It’s not the most elegant thing you’ll ever see, but it was fun to play around with.

Let me know if it’s missing any paths you think are interesting! Over time I’ll hopefully add more to it, but for now I hope it helps some one, even if it just inspires you to try something in Elm!

Note that this isn’t intended as a comprehensive quickstart guide, more just a simple little widget to select the right installation commands for whatever deep learning environment you want to use.