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Mindful Neural Networks

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Last night at the Creative AI Meetup we had an awesome conversation around the idea of “Mindful” neural networks.

Thich Nhat Tanh

We were hosted by our friends at Sheda over the in Fitzroy, and we had a really nice group of people with varied and interesting backgrounds show up:

The Mindful Neural Network Group. Photo courtesy of Eike!

We did the usual Creative-AI opening where we review a bunch of recent innovations in the field in the last few weeks. You can find the projects we discussed by looking over the slides here: Creative AI Meetup - March 2019.

Most notable were the variety of “this X does not exist” websites powered by StyleGAN:

and the GPT-2 model, which produced the following gem, when prompted with a segment of when things fall apart:

Input  >>>

To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be

Output >>>

completely free from judgement and morality, to have freedom in any worldview
through suffering (with anything that comes from between two extremes can
often be fine), to be absolutely free from stimuli getting in your way,
to be completely free from fear and humiliation, to be completely free
from a series of simple pleasures, to be absolutely free from your own
emotional and social dependence inherent in anything being different
from yours. [...]

We did eventually got around to discussing the mindfulness aspect of neural networks, and what ideas we thought we could transfer over.

As a group, we covered:

Overall, I had heaps of fun, and there was some discussion of a second installment, as there is heaps to explore here, so stay tuned to the meetup and join us next time!