Community and Events

We love community. We believe that the best way to make change is from the ground up; with the people most affected by any change to be strongly involved in it's implementation. This is what drives our interest in education: We want to empower communities to change themselves in ways they see fit.

For the last few years we've made an effort to grow the AI community in Melbourne.

Upcoming events

Here's some of the events we'll be at over the next little while.

Community Groups

These communities are moderated, and members of all these communities are required to follow the Django Code of Conduct.

On-going activities

The Creative AI Meetup, started back in 2017, aims to bring together artists, programmers, creative technologists and machine learning engineers. By supporting such a community, we hope to encourage inter-disciplinary collaborations and projects.

We started the ML/AI Slack Channel to facilitiate communication between members of the community in Melbourne. It's since gathered an international contingent, and we continue to support it's growth into a global, vibrant community.

We are the maintainers of the open science network SciRate. It acts as a way for the community to discover papers of interest, across fields, and comment and "scite" the papers that they like. SciRate acts as a "front" for the arXiv, and thus the papers are open-access and free for all. The arXiv is essentially the home of cutting-edge research in the many fields, including computer science, physics, and is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the various fields of AI (and quantum machine learning!)