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Tailored to executives, startup founders, government groups, and leadership teams.


In this one-day intensive session, we will cover everything that you need to know in order to build AI into your organisation. This course is for those looking to: build an internal AI capability, engage a consultancy to build an AI product, or for those wanting an understanding of best-practice AI adoption.

We'll go over all the State of the Art in machine learning across a variety of applications, from text analysis, computer vision, to maps, and graphs, and audio; we'll see what kinds of data you can use to get started, and how to bootstrap the process so that you can get started sooner.

We'll cover how the multitude of ways AI can be adopted into your business; from internal teams and their makeup, to external services, from model, web to back-end APIs, and devices deployed at the "edge". We'll cover the adoption path, what risks to watch out for, and how to mitigate them.

We'll wrap up with an investigation into how AI systems make mistakes, and how these differ from the kinds of mistakes humans make, and how to mitigate the risks involved, as well as the ethics of AI, and how to implement AI systems responsibly.

Essential details
Duration 1 day
9am-5pm sharp.
Costs $1,925
Requirements A laptop.
Prerequisites None.

Dates and Tickets
AI For Leadership - September Session

Monday, 23-Sep-2019, 9am-5pm, Melbourne CBD.

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AI For Leadership - November Session

Monday, 25-Nov-2019, 9am-5pm, Melbourne CBD.

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AI For Leadership - January Session

Monday, 27-Jan-2020, 9am-5pm, Melbourne CBD.

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