🏝 AI For Leadership On the 25th of November!

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Tailored to executives, startup founders, government, and leadership teams, looking to understand and adopt AI.


In this one-day intensive session, we will cover everything that you need to know in order to build AI into your organisation.

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Essential details
Duration 1 day
Costs $1,925* per person.
Requirements A laptop.
Prerequisites None.

Dates and Tickets
AI For Leadership - November Session

Monday, 25-Nov-2019, 9am-5pm, Melbourne, At OC House.

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AI For Leadership - January Session

Monday, 27-Jan-2020, 9am-5pm, Melbourne Location TBA.

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"I loved all the examples of AI in real life and I also found the activity of working through the framework as a team on the example we had. it has helped me understand the type of 'thinking' and 'questioning' that needs to take place specifically for AI that's different for other forms of tech. I also loved all the simple and powerful visual diagrams in the workshop content. [...] Personally I have a much greater understanding of AI and the role it can play in organisations and the opportunity ahead. Professionally I have more clarity on how to move forward with helping organisations adopt AI from a people change perspective."

— Leisa Hart - Adaptive Change Mindset

"It's been wonderful to spend more time with Braneshop and [...] learning about the different types of leaders out there wanting to tackle AI! [...] The first part was particularly great, going through at a fast pace the types of examples of different AI case studies, particularly the machine-vision ones [...]"

— Sarah Kaur - Portable

"It's given me a greater understanding of AI and the way I can implement it in my business including some of the challenges. [...] It really challenged me to think outside the square! There's a lot of thought that goes into designing an ai system which I was unaware of. From UX to the business side, a lot needs to be considered. The group exercises really helped break this down. "

— Damian D - Everline


There is a crisis of diversity within the field of AI. We know that members of marginalised groups face barriers to entry and success within AI, and related fields. To improve the representation of marginalised and under-represented groups in our workshop, and community, we are supporting up to 5 diversity tickets, which are discounted 50% to $962.50 per person.

To apply for a diversity ticket please complete the scholarship application below. If you miss out due to demand, this time around, you are welcome to apply again in the future.

Apply for the Scholarship

The closing date for the application process is the 15th of November. Scholarship decisions will be sent out on the 18th of November.

☕ About Your Instructors

During the workshop you will be working with Noon and Ruth.

Noon van der Silk is the founder of Braneshop and lead trainer.

Noon has 18+ years experience in various forms of software engineering, application development, and the design and implementation of machine learning + AI systems. Within AI he has a special interest in the field of computer vision and interactive art.

Noon has a research background, obtaining a Masters in Pure Mathematics, with a focus on quantum computing.

Noon is particularly passionate about empowering people through skill development.

Dr Ruth Pearson is the co-founder of Braneshop, as well as a researcher, trainer and mentor.

Ruth has a cosmic-microwave-background in physics, with a PhD in cosmology, along with academic experience in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia. She loves maths, science and cats and wants to use AI to aid vet medicine.

As a teacher, Ruth is particularly interested in helping people to gain a deep, complete, and enjoyable understanding of concepts.