🏝 6 Week Technical Deep Learning Workshop Starts on the 6th of Feb!

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A six-week hands-on deep learning workshop for those wanting to break into the AI industry.


Over 6 weeks, with 3 contact hours per week, you will get to grips with deep learning through Python, TensorFlow and Google Colaboratory. This is a hands-on technical workshop, with a substantial programming component.

What can you expect to receive and achieve?
Every week we will ...
Who's it for?

We welcome people from a variety of backgrounds. To ensure success in the workshop, a minimum level of Python programming is required, but this is self-assessed, using this quiz.

Essential details
Duration 6 weeks
Weekly, on Thursdays: 4pm-7pm.
Costs $1,188* per person.
Location Melbourne CBD
Prerequisites Take our Python Quiz on Google Forms
As a guide, you should answer at least 70% of the questions in this quiz correctly. Note that it is a self-assessment, and you can attempt it as many times as you like. If you're comfortable with your knowledge after taking the quiz and reviewing the answers, we welcome you to the workshop.

Dates and Tickets
6 Week Workshop - February Intake
  • Week 1 - February 6th, 2019
  • Week 2 - February 13th, 2019
  • Week 3 - February 20th, 2019
  • Week 4 - February 27th, 2019
  • Week 5 - March 5th, 2019
  • Week 6 - March 12th, 2019

  • Location: Melbourne CBD, TBC.

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"The team at Braneshop create a learning environment that is such a pleasant contrast to anything I've experienced at university. Ruth and Noon, with the help of Esmeralda, create a safe and inclusive space to learn, free of pressure or judgement. Without scrimping on technical details, they manage to keep a lighthearted and humorous atmosphere — the jokes are terrible but I love them! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is keen on exploring deep learning surrounded by an interesting and diverse group of people."

— Samantha Floreani - Code Like A Girl

"I couldn't recommend this workshop more to anyone wanting to get started with deep learning. It's fun, interactive and informative. Deep learning is a relatively difficult subject but Noon and Ruth make it easier to understand with lots of examples. I really appreciate their patience in explaining and helping people who have less technical background."

— Michelle Low - Zoho

"[...] It has been a great learning experience so far with Ruth and Noon who are fantastic in breaking down complex deep learning concepts into readily understandable form. They have provided specific direction on searching for relevant information regarding ML/DL. Besides, the workshop is very engaging and participative with lots of interactions between fellow participants. In addition to learning, it has been a fantastic opportunity to network with diverse community of participants. We have together designed a neural network for image classification and coded it in TensorFlow python which I am very happy about. [...] I am much more confident and comfortable with Machine Learning/Deep Learning contents now than I was before. I am looking forward to build machine learning models that [are] applicable for genomic analysis. "

— Himal Shrestha - PhD Student


There is a crisis of diversity within the field of AI. We know that members of marginalised groups face barriers to entry and success within AI, and related fields. To improve the representation of marginalised and under-represented groups in our workshop, and community, we are supporting up to 10 diversity tickets, which are discounted 50% to $594 per person.

To apply for a diversity ticket please complete the scholarship application below. If you miss out due to demand, this time around, you are welcome to apply again in the future.

Apply for the Scholarship

Note that the scholarships for the August workshop have closed, and your application will be considered for the February workshop. We will send out confirmations mid January.

☕ About Your Instructors

During the workshop you will be working with Noon and Ruth.

Noon van der Silk is the founder of Braneshop and lead trainer.

Noon has 18+ years experience in various forms of software engineering, application development, and the design and implementation of machine learning + AI systems. Within AI he has a special interest in the field of computer vision and interactive art.

Noon has a research background, obtaining a Masters in Pure Mathematics, with a focus on quantum computing.

Noon is particularly passionate about empowering people through skill development.

Dr Ruth Pearson is the co-founder of Braneshop, as well as a researcher, trainer and mentor.

Ruth has a cosmic-microwave-background in physics, with a PhD in cosmology, along with academic experience in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia. She loves maths, science and cats and wants to use AI to aid vet medicine.

As a teacher, Ruth is particularly interested in helping people to gain a deep, complete, and enjoyable understanding of concepts.