🌟 What we're about

We're here to help you understand and adopt AI.

At the Braneshop, we love all things AI. We spend our time bringing diverse people into the field, and removing the barriers for those that have faced them, so that the resulting technology better reflects our communities, and addresses all our needs.

We know that AI can be used for amazing things, but also that there are many problems and potential solutions that won't be discovered unless everyone is involved.

This is our vision: the powerful capabilities of AI in the hands of us all.

We specialise in teaching these techniques in an intuitive and hands-on way. Our workshops are organised in a group setting and learning takes place through a mix of theory and practice.

🏝 Dive into a Workshop!

We have a two-pronged approach to AI education: technical and strategic. Below are our upcoming workshops that focus on these areas.

6 Week Technical Deep Learning Workshop

Starts on the 6th of Feb, 2020

A six-week hands-on deep learning workshop for those wanting to break into the AI industry.

AI For Leadership

On the 23rd of September

Tailored to executives, startup founders, government, and leadership teams, looking to understand and adopt AI.

Intensive Technical Deep Learning Workshop

A specialised deep learning intensive session, tailored towards the kinds of problems and areas your organisation is interested in.

🌈 Our Values

"AI has the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, it is created by everybody.” ~ Jane Jacobs (She said "cities" instead of "AI", but it's well-expressed!)

Empathy & Ethics

The software we write and algorithms we deploy will affect people. We aim to be aware of potential impacts and create a culture of empathetic ethical engineering.

Community & Diversity

We want to create a positive impact in our local community. We believe that change is best driven locally, upwards.


Skills allow for empowerment and can yield independence. By building technical skills, we hope to enable others to make the kind of change they want to see; change that benefits them and their community.


Learning should be fun! We want people to come away from this workshop feeling excited, happy and motivated to implement new systems and processes.


Each group of people comes to the Braneshop with different skills, interests and abilities. We aim to be adaptable to the groups we get, to engage with each individual on a personal level, and present the material in a way that is meaningful, relatable and intuitive.

🌅 Blog: Latest posts

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