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Braneshop, Silverpond, and the Deep Learning Workshop

For the past 2 and a half years, as part of Silverpond I (and others there) have been successfully delivering the deep learning workshop. It all started way back in September 2016, Lyndon and I posted about it on the ML/AI Meetup. The Braneshop has now partnered with Silverpond to deliver the workshops, and we are so excited!

The workshop has come a long way

The first time we ran it, we had everyone packed into the meeting room at Silverpond, and for four hours we talked through the fundamentals of deep learning. Everytime we have ran it we asked for feedback, and as such, each iteration has been improved, tweaked, and been added to. It has been our aim that the workshop stays current, relevant, and useful. The deep learning workshop has gone from a four-hour “intensive”, to a one day training) and now to a two-day workshop to learn-practice-apply kind of workshop, including a day of working on group projects.

We have had an impact far and wide

In only two years, we have trained almost 150 people. We’ve seen attendance from a wide variety of backgrounds and careers: management, data science, programmers, government, Big-4 consulting, specialised hardware startups, computer gaming, as well as not-for-profits and artists.

These workshops have helped people and organisations acquire the knowledge needed to bring AI into their projects. Having started in 2016, they have made their mark in the burgeoning AI community in Melbourne.

The future of the workshops: The Braneshop

We are excited to continue teaching cutting edge technology in a hands-on and intuitive manner, and so, we’ve moved on to running the workshops as an independent company, where we can focus on delivery, pedagogy, content development, and up-skilling under-represented groups. Silverpond is our partner on this journey, and I’m personally grateful for their support (in particular Jono and Lyndon) and am looking forward to the future!

#TBT A few of the photos from the workshops over the years below (see more on the deep learning workshop page):

Here are a few ways you can get involved