🌟 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why this format over an online course?

There are two main aspects: firstly, if online courses are an effective system for you, or for learning this particular field, then we encourage you to continue on that front! A couple of resources we like are: fast.ai, and neural networks and deep learning, but there are many others.

The second aspect is that we've found there are some significant benefits for learning in a small group, namely:

  • Ability to clarify confusion directly dramatically speeds up learning, and also builds confidence,
  • Exploratory nature of the workshop allows for supervised experimentation,
  • Collaboration with other students significantly increases engagement and thus retention of knowledge,
  • Building a local community enriches everyone, and allows for connections and learning to be established outside of the workshop itself,
  • Direct access to trainers allows the teaching and interaction to be adapted to the present students, and the specific areas of clarification that they may require,
  • Discussions with our trainers, who are industry experts, allows students to learn more than what's directly in the course syllabus, such as industry best practices, handy tools, and other aspects of AI and deep learning.
Q: What do people use AI for?

One way of thinking about this is that people use AI to perform tasks that might typically take a human, but have been done so frequently that we have lots of data for it, and thus can use that data to feed some algorithm so it can attempt the task.

Everyday examples are:

  • Detecting "things" in videos/photos: such things include: people, animals, objects, actions. This has wide applicability in factories, wild-life parks, offices, etc.
  • Making recommendations: such as places to go, products to buy, events to attend.
  • "Understanding" text: such as, classifying it as good or bad, summarising it, working out what it's talking about, etc.

When you combine these abilities with specific technology, powerful capabilities can be built.

You can find more concrete examples, along with simple explanations, on our showreel.